Treatment Centers in Florida | The Opioid Crisis in Florida

where can I find drug treatment programs in florida?

There has been a national and local rise in deaths caused by the abuse of opioid medications. Governments are trying to slow the effects of this epidemic, but are overwhelmed. Treatment centers in Florida are working hard to help bring those affected back on the path to wellness. But, everyone must help bring awareness. Knowing the signs of addiction is very Important. Prevention is the best way to keep overdoses from rising, and you can help.

Are there treatment centers in Florida?

A Floridian Epidemic


Currently, the national pain-killer crisis is hitting Florida in a very negative way. However, the number of overdoses per year in Florida is currently higher than the national average. South Florida is currently being hit the hardest in the state. Despite world-renowned treatment centers, Floridians face a higher chance of relapse now more than ever before. New drugs that are stronger than heroin are now causing an increase in overdoses. Public awareness is important and has had a positive impact on areas that are struggling with opioid addiction.


What you can Do


In addition, if you notice that you or a loved one is overusing prescription opioid medications, always seek help. Common signs of prescription drug abuse include irrational behavior, weight loss, and irritability. Additionally, prescription painkillers commonly abused include Xanax, OxyContin, Percocet, and Vicodin. Reaching out to those affected is a good start to helping a loved one overcome their affliction. Research and take note of what medications your loved ones are prescribed. If you notice behavior associated with addiction, always mention it to someone close to you.

Treatment Centers in Florida


In conclusion, by noticing the abuse of drugs in yourself or others, you are taking the first step to beat your addiction. By taking action early, you can have an impact on the abuse of opioids in your neighborhood and state. If you or someone you know needs help with addiction to prescription opioids, don’t hesitate to contact the Strawberry Center today.