Treatment Centers in Florida | Opiates and the Brain

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Opiates are especially dangerous because of the ways in which they interact with the brain. Here we will go over these basic interactions. Treatment Centers in Florida are here to help. 

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How Opiates Work


Opiate drugs are very similar to the structure of morphine on a molecular level. Opiates are prescribed and administered to treat pain, as their chemicals mimic those that are already naturally occurring in the brain. These painkillers contain chemicals that bond with opiate receptors in the brain, causing pain-relieving effects by working its way through the nervous system. However, when opiates are taken in higher doses than prescribed for pain-relieving effects, a different kind of feeling is achieved, one that is euphoric. The brain is flooded with neuro-chemicals like dopamine and serotonin which trigger a response from the pleasure and reward pathway of the brain. These feelings are so intense that they begin to train the brain they are superior to those that are naturally occurring, reinforcing to the brain that it should continue to seek this drug more and more.


Physical Consequences


Seeing the implications of opiates on the brain and body indicates that use of these drugs fundamentally changes the way a person can cope and deal with stress and pain. Opiates can cause the body to lose its natural ability to tolerate almost any discomfort or pain. When someone who is already chemically dependent on opioids is given a “normal” dose of opiates to settle pain, it will make the drug feel ineffective to them because it is not providing enough chemicals to occupy all of the brain’s receptors. These neurochemicals are also part of the mood and emotional function, often being negatively impacted by the prolonged use of these drugs. This makes opioid addiction that much more powerful in many people, leaving them to feel powerless and oppressed by their own body functions.


Treatment Centers in Florida


If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction, don’t hesitate to call the Strawberry Center. We are here to make you as comfortable as possible during your stay.