Treatment Centers in Florida |The Importance of Faith

What is the best drug treatment programs in florida

While many treatment centers focus only on the individual, we include faith in our process. Including the teachings of God into our healing process can help to make recovery more permanent and lasting. Treatment centers in Florida are here to help you find God and your true self. By reaching out for help you too can find. Better path.

Where can I find treatment centers in florida?

Our Process


At the Strawberry Center, we include Bible study and faith-based counseling into our recovery process. We believe that it is very important to heal both the body and soul. Combining faith and medicine creates a two-pronged approach that has proven effectiveness against multiple addictions. Faith is a pillar of self-healing and discovering self-worth.


Why Faith?


Faith is a pillar of self-healing and discovering self-worth. We believe that through medicine and God, you can heal your mind and body of addiction. We place a great importance on a study of the bible and how the word of god can help make sense of the confusion felt during recovery. The healing light of God can help show you the way to a lasting recovery and peace.


Treatment Centers in Florida


The Strawberry Center is here to develop a plan made just for you. We treat you as an individual with needs. By calling and choosing recovery, you can find a better path to wellness. If you or someone you know needs treatment or guidance please call us today. The Strawberry Center is equipped to tackle any addiction you may be facing.