Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Orlando | Helping Loved Ones with Addiction

Where can I find drug treatment Orlando?

Sometimes when we think we are helping our loved ones with addiction, we may actually be enabling it. Read on to learn from substance abuse treatment centers in Orlando on how to make sure your helping hand isn’t driving your friend or family away from sobriety.

How Can I Avoid Enabling My Loved One’s Addiction?

Don’t Give Them Money

There is no way to know for sure how your loved one spends the money you give them. We tell them to get healthy and do the right thing, and we want to trust them. However, they could potentially spend money given on drugs or alcohol.

If they say they need money for medical treatment or care, take them to get help and see it through while being there for them. Instead of giving them money for food, give them the food or take them to get a good meal. This ensures they know you support them, gives them an ear for listening, and avoids enabling.

Don’t Provide a Car

Your friend or family member may say they need a car for school or work. While you wil be tempted to “help” them and by providing one or letting them borrow yours, avoid this at all costs. A car will give them a way to meet a drug supplier. Additionally, it is a place to use the drugs they acquire. Similarly

Don’t Pay for or Provide a Place to Live

This may sound harsh, but providing a place to live also gives privacy for your loved one to use drugs. Instead, they should be at a substance abuse center where drug and alcohol free living are highly promoted and the only option for them. Providing them with the treatment they need is more beneficial and a direct way for you to help them beat their addiction.

Seek Help from Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Orlando

Where can I find substance abuse treatment centers in Orlando?

The best thing you can do for a loved one with addiction is to get them to a treatment facility. Beyond that, you can support them by taking their calls, listening, and simply making an effort to be there for them when times are difficult. Contact the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center today for the support you need in helping a friend or family member overcome addiction.