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Alcohol abuse is all too common in America, with approximately 3 million cases occurring per year. While a person struggling with alcohol abuse is not yet physically dependent on alcohol, this drinking problem is still serious and can wreak major havoc on the body. Read on to learn about the effects of alcohol abuse and seek help from substance abuse treatment centers in Orlando.

What Happens Inside of the Body?

As alcohol is consumed, the bloodstream rapidly transports ethanol from a drink throughout the body. Then, it is absorbed by numerous bodily tissues. However, because alcohol is technically a toxin, our bodies react in a way to get rid of it. While the liver works to remove it from your blood, it is also excreted in your breath, sweat, and urine. As a result, dehydration and headaches can occur.

How Does Alcohol Abuse Effect the Brain?

Alcohol is notorious for lowering inhibitions and effecting our ability to think clearly. This is because it works against the cerebral cortex in the brain. Once effected, all senses are slowed and no longer reliable. Additionally, the cerebellum is affected, which will impede a person abusing alcohol’s ability to walk straight or maintain their center of balance.

Do Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Orlando help with alcohol abuse?

Moreover, breathing is slowed, body-temperature is lowered, and sleepiness sets in as the medulla takes on the consequences of alcohol abuse. Since this part of the brain controls these important bodily functions, affects to it due to substance abuse can be life-threatening.

Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Orlando Can Help

Alcohol abuse is a serious issue that carries dire repercussions for your health. If you know someone in need of treatment for alcohol-related disorders, help is close by. The Strawberry Recovery Center is ready to assist you or your loved one down the path toward recovery.