Strawberry to Appear on CBS’s ‘The Doctors’

The Doctors

Darryl Strawberry
The story of Darryl Strawberry began with such immense promise but quickly spiraled at a young age into one of addiction, divorces, and jail time. However, Strawberry, now 54, has made strides in resurrecting the image he created as a talented young ballplayer out of Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles. Much like his youthful self, Strawberry is now giving people a reason to feel optimistic about where his future is headed, and also providing a helping hand to those struggling with addiction.

On October 7th, Strawberry began filming with CBS’s television crew to discuss the lifestyle changes he’s made to escape his damaged past. Strawberry’s inspiring tell-all is scheduled to appear on the Emmy-Award winning talk show, ‘The Doctors,’ later this fall. Strawberry claims his transformation, due in part by a strengthened faith, saved him from a deeper pitfall, and helped him battle cancer in 1999.

Starwberry’s renewed faith is echoed by his role as an ordained minister, something that has complimented his ability to stay sober for the past 12 years. In addition, Strawberry has created room for new aspirations, including the collaboration with a team of healthcare professionals to co-found Darryl Strawberry Recovery Centers in Florida.

There are currently two recovery center locations; one in St. Cloud and the other designated in Deland.

Strawberry was recently brought back into the spotlight in June when ESPN premiered the ‘30 for 30’, ‘Doc & Darryl’. Viewers were offered a glimpse of the stardom both renowned athletes had captured, and their tumultuous fall to lowest-of-lows through drug addiction. While it remained evident that Doc (Gooden) may still be experiencing some issues with drug-abuse, Darryl had confirmed his loyalty to a sober lifestyle, something that was impossible for him to say for many years.

Of late, Strawberry has been traveling the country and doing speaking engagements, in an effort to provide insight about addiction. Recently, East Mississippi Community College invited the former Major Leaguer to share his personal story of overcoming drug addiction at Keyes Currie Coliseum, in Scooba Mississippi. The seminar was primarily in place to connect with students, athletes, and the younger generation, but members of the general public were also welcomed.

While a number of athletes have made headline news for their involvement with drugs and alcohol, Strawberry wants people to know that regardless of your socio-economic status, race, or religious influence, addiction can take firm grip of anybody’s life and seeking help is a major step to recovery.

To hear more about Darryl’s turnaround, stay alert regarding the air-date of Strawberry’s appearance on ‘The Doctors’ in the coming months. Moreover, if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please do not hesitate to call Darryl Strawberry Recovery Centers at (855)-973-7333.