Fed Funds to Treat Addiction

President Obama at his desk in the White House

Federal Icon Building ImageIn his reply to a letter from a Pennsylvania mother, the President emphasizes the need for additional funding to respond to the opioid epidemic.

This is the latest post in our “Asked and Answered” series, in which we periodically feature an exchange between the President or a Senior Administration Official and an American who wrote him. If you’d like to write the President yourself, you can do so on the White House Blog Site.

President Obama at his desk in the White House

Today President Obama responded to a letter from a Pennsylvania mother who wrote that access to treatment had kept her son alive and put him on the road to recovery from a heroin use disorder. Joan Newcomb of Harrisburg wrote that her 22-year-old son was able to stay on her insurance and access this lifesaving treatment because of the Affordable Care Act.

The President wrote,

“I want to make sure everyone with an opioid use disorder has the same opportunity. That is why I have continued to call on Congress to provide the $1.1 billion increase in funding in my budget to help ensure that Americans who want treatment can get it… We will continue to use all of our available tools to combat this epidemic, but we need Congress to act now.”
President Obama

The Obama Administration has been urging Congress to quickly pass legislation that provides much-needed funding to help provide treatment to all Americans who want it.

More and more people are joining the President’s call for action. Just this past week, around 150 national, state and local organizations, including the National Governors Association, called on Congress to provide funding toward fighting this epidemic. And two-thirds of the Senate voted to call for more funding.

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