Faith-Based Rehabs in Florida | Inhalant Abuse

where can I find the best faith-based rehabs in florida?

Although inhalants are easy to access, they can be just as deadly to the health of an individual. Those who start early are likely to experience long-term effects that disturb their health for years to come. Faith-based rehabs in Florida are trying to curb this dangerous trend.

Where can I find faith-based rehabs in florida?

What is Inhalant Abuse?


Inhalant abuse is the intentional inhaling of chemicals, meant to create the feeling of being “high” and obtaining feelings of euphoria. Individuals who abuse inhalants often become dependent on them, based on their high level of accessibility. As opposed to other forms of drugs that are obtained through dealers or prescriptions, inhalants can be found in regular household items. Although not as popular as they were in the 90’s, inhalants continue to be an issue, specifically for younger generations. The reason for this may be because of the level of accessibility as well as the affordability. Inhalants can be created from items such as nail polish, common house cleaners, hairspray, etc


Physical Effects


When looking for signs of inhalant abuse, physical signs will be much easier to spot with this drug than others. One of the first telltale signs of use may be painted stain on the user’s face, or they may carry a strong smell of solvents on them. Someone who has just recently used will likely have symptoms similar to that of someone who is intoxicated, including having slurred speech, nausea and disorientation. It can also be helpful to look for dilated pupils and a lack of appetite. Long-term physical effects of inhalant use also include weight loss, lack of coordination, weakness and mood swings.


Faith-Based Rehabs in Florida


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