Faith-Based Rehabs in Florida | The HIV Crisis

Where can I find the best faith-based rehabs in florida?

With the rise in drug epidemics, a rise has also been seen in HIV contraction. Faith-based rehabs in Florida are here to help.

Where can I find the best faith-based rehabs in florida?

HIV in the US


The risk for getting or transmitting HIV is very high if an HIV-negative person uses injection equipment that someone living with HIV has used. This is because the needles or works may have blood in them, and blood can carry HIV. HIV can survive in a used needle for up to 42 days, depending on temperature and other factors. Substance misuse can also increase the risk of getting HIV through risky sex practices. While contraction rates have declined since the crisis of the 1980’s, rates have gone up with increasing drug use.


Drugs and HIV


Sharing needles or works also puts people at risk for getting viral hepatitis. People who inject drugs should talk to a doctor about getting vaccinated for hepatitis A and B and getting a blood test for hepatitis B and C. In addition to being at risk for HIV and viral hepatitis, people who inject drugs can get other serious health problems, like skin infections or abscesses. People can also overdose from having too many drugs or from products that may be mixed with the drugs without their knowledge. Call today if you have any questions.


Faith-Based Rehabs in Florida


If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction, don’t hesitate to call the Strawberry Center. We are here to make you as comfortable as possible.