Drug Treatment Programs in Florida | What Happens in Rehab?

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The thought of rehab can be scary at first. However, drug treatment programs in Florida are your best shot at getting sober and living the life you want to lead. Before turning away, read below to learn about what treatment is like and how it can aid you on your path to recovery.

What Kind of Treatment Can I Expect?

Everyone is different, so your experience in rehab largely depends on your unique needs. Although, you can expect varied amounts of time spent in group therapy, individual counseling. After the detoxification process, you will meet with counselors to discuss your specific addiction and the reasons behind it. From there, addiction specialists will help you to plan the best course of action for recovery and relapse prevention.

During your treatment at the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center, you can also anticipate special nutrition education to make sure you get back to your healthy self. We also offer marriage and family counseling to help you mend any relationships affected by your addiction.

How Can I Incorporate My Faith?

The Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center is a faith based rehab that strongly encourages Christian beliefs to be a part of your journey toward recovery. We know that the Lord loves you and wants you to walk in His light, unburdened by addiction. Therefore, we offer Biblical counseling by our licensed clinical therapist, Bible-based recovery groups, guest speakers from the faith community, prayer and meditation morning gatherings, and so much more that incorporates God’s word with your rehabilitation needs.

Which drug treatment programs in Florida are faith based?

Can Drug Treatment Programs in Florida Cure My Addiction?

There is ultimately not a single cure for addiction. However, a rehabilitation program can help you to learn how to effectively manage your addiction. Even after your drug treatment program, your efforts to overcome addiction won’t stop. There is hope though.

At the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center, we are proud to offer ongoing care for long-term recovery. Discharge from our facilities focuses on thorough planning for the success of your treatment. We also utilize our strong professional network to provide our clients with access to additional drug and alcohol aftercare programs.

If you are afflicted with drug or alcohol addiction, you don’t have to struggle anymore. Contact the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center today for the addiction help you need.