Drug Treatment Programs in Florida | Resisting Cravings

One of the most difficult parts about recovery is resisting temptations after treatment. Drug treatment programs in Florida are here to help.

Where can I find treatment for drug addiction florida?

The Pathology


Every addict in recovery experiences cravings for the substance to which they were once addicted. The causes of cravings aren’t vastly different from someone else’s food cravings, but the severity of an addict’s cravings is experienced on a much higher level. When someone was once so deeply obsessed with a substance, cravings for that substance make abstinence much more difficult to maintain. Cravings are marked by a relationship with a stimulus that gets recognized as a cue or a prompt, hindering one’s focus from other activities. Cravings typically come from our brains’ conditioned associations with certain stimuli, such as people, places, or other objects. When the brain recognizes those stimuli in one’s environment, the sense of craving gets activated or agitated, making someone feel more enticed to use or consume the substance. Call today if you have questions.



Recognizing Triggers


In our work, we educate people about relapse triggers and equip them with thought stoppers and other tools to better manage situations. You can’t control unanticipated triggers in your environment, but you can control how you handle them. By developing a higher level of self-awareness and awareness of your surroundings, you will be armed to respond in healthier ways when cravings strike. Much of what we desire is based on our mood. Emotions like sadness, stress, or boredom can lead us to crave a substance, wishing it to make us feel happier or more relaxed. Those are the moments when relapse often happens. By recognizing your mood, you can be extra intentional about managing your environment. If you’re feeling restless or discouraged, don’t let yourself walk into a situation that will test your will to stay sober. Instead, choose healthier settings where you will be supported.


Drug Treatment Programs in Florida


If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction, don’t hesitate to call the Strawberry Center. We are here to help you take your life back. We are here to help.