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For many people seeking recovery, a change in lifestyle can be difficult but very effective. Taking small steps to keep a cleaner home and schedule will help your recovery process at drug treatment Orlando.

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The Importance of Routine


Stability is one of the most important reasons for having a routine. This is especially important in the early months of recovery when temptation, cravings, and self-doubt can send you down the wrong path. Having a routine and daily responsibilities can help you rebuild confidence. Completing tasks and goals you’ve set for yourself can be very rewarding. You may not complete everything on your to-do list every day and that’s okay. There are days you might feel exhausted or overwhelmed. Self-care is so important in these moments. Go to meetings, reach out to your sponsor, and talk with a trusted friend or family member. As you stick to your routine each day, your self-confidence will grow.


Living a Clean Lifestyle


Keeping things tidy around the house not only makes your life easier and less stressful, but it also promotes mental clarity and positive feelings. You don’t have to be an impeccable housekeeper to keep a tidy home. Vacuuming once a week, doing the laundry and keeping the dishes done, the bathroom clean and things picked up around the house is all you need to do to have a neat, clean home. Make a chore schedule and stick to it to help keep you on track and prevent messes and dirt from accumulating. By having your living space clean, you can also greatly reduce daily stress, making recovery easier.


Drug Treatment Orlando


If you or someone you know is suffering from a drug addiction, don’t hesitate to give the Strawberry Center a call. We are here to answer all of your questions and help you get your life back on the right track.