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Where can I find drug treatment Orlando?

Recently there has been an increase in the abuse of ‘study drugs’ commonly referred to as Adderall. Many people take this prescription drug to help them concentrate on work or other activities. Many people, however, are abusing this drug and inviting dangerous side effects. By being familiar with the effects, you can help stop addiction before it happens. Drug treatment Orlando is within reach and here to help.

What is the best drug treatment Orlando?

The Effects


Taking a drug like Adderall can provide a temporary feeling of focus, but in the long term can be damaging to the brain and other parts of the body. Abuse of these drugs can cause issues in the brain heart. Because they are amphetamines, many develop anxiety or paranoia due to Adderall abuse. This means they increase the heart rate and breathing which can cause problems.


The Signs


Some warning signs that a loved one may be abusing this medication are social withdrawal, chest pain, labored breathing, paranoia, or anxiety. While this drug can be less addictive than say heroin, its effects can be devastating to many. Those in higher education are the most likely to be affected by this drug. Many students have failed out of classes due to their addiction to these drugs.


Drug Treatment Orlando


At the Strawberry Center, we combine faith and medicine to give you the best healing experience possible. If you or someone you know is struggling with school and may be abusing study medications, don’t hesitate to call. Addiction is serious but can be beaten. We are ready to answer all your questions.