Drug Treatment Orlando | Addiction and Bipolar Disorder

Where can I find the best drug treatment orlando?

One of the worst combinations of disorders and addictions in bipolar disorder and alcoholism. The sudden mood changes associated with bipolar disorder can make an alcohol addiction can make this combination dangerous.

What is the best drug treatment orlando?

Dual Treatment


It’s important to treat co-occurring conditions like addiction and bipolar disorder together. If you ignore one while treating the other, it often leads to higher rates of relapse. At the Strawberry Center, we understand how valuable dual diagnosis treatment is for your recovery. Our recovery center has areas for therapy and relaxation, and your customized treatment plan will be focused on your individual needs. Because this combination can be volatile, a string supervision is needed during detoxification.




More than half the people who deal with bipolar disorders also claim to have struggled with drug or alcohol addiction. Anxiety, depression, insomnia, and pain are often cited as the main reasons why people feel the need to drink. Unfortunately, alcohol may also trigger more and longer depressed or manic states. Drug use can intensify other issues associated with the bipolar disorder such as feelings of hopelessness and suicidal thoughts. The addiction and disorder can also feed into each other, making the other worse. This can make treating this combination very sensitive.

Drug Treatment Orlando


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