Drug Treatment in Orlando | How Do I Deal with a Relapse?

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After receiving drug treatment in Orlando, your recovery is not over. You will need to work at maintaining your sobriety every day. However, the day may come where your sobriety is in jeopardy. If you are facing a relapse, here is what to do:

Seek Out Your Support Network

Whether it is a friend, family member, sponsor, or professional therapist, you need to talk to someone. Keeping in your thoughts about relapse will only hurt you. Talking about what you’re feeling and why you want to use again is not weakness. It will save you from trouble later.

Revisit Your Recovery Action Plan

Knowing what your triggers are for cravings and your coping strategies to deal with them is essential for long-term recovery from addiction. If you are looking at a potential relapse, you may need to go back and re-evaluate both. Having an action plan that accurately depicts your addiction and the best way for you specifically to cope will help you every day on your recovery journey. Sit down with your counselor to make sure that you have the plan in place that will work the best for you.

Enter Drug Treatment in Orlando

Which drug treatment in Orlando can help with relapse?

Everybody makes mistakes and relapse does happen. After relapsing, the best thing to do is enter treatment. You will receive the best information there on how to avoid relapse in the future based on your recent experience. Counselors will work with you to update your action plan, strengthen your support network, and provide an outlet for dealing with all of the emotions that come with relapsing.

Even if you haven’t relapsed yet but think it is likely, check into treatment. Facilities like the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center will work with aftercare programs to help provide you with relapse prevention efforts. To learn about relapse prevention or get admitted to the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center, contact us today.