Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Orlando | Preventing a Relapse

where can I find the best drug and alcohol treatment center orlando?

For some people preventing a relapse can be more difficult than the treatment itself. It is important to be mindful of situations that may lead you to relapse so that they can be properly managed. Relapsing can undo progress and hard work, so it’s important that staying clean is the biggest concern after treatment. At drug and alcohol treatment center Orlando, we are trying to provide the support necessary to prevent relapse and aid recovery.

What is the best drug and alcohol treatment center orlando?

Stay Occupied


Keeping yourself busy with constructive activities is a perfect way to distract yourself from trigger situations. The best activities to help you heal are the most creative and educational ones. Learning to play a new instrument or starting a new series of books can be constructive ways to keep yourself on a positive path. Constructive activities can reduce triggers in daily life and enrich your life in the process.


Managing Triggers


After treatment, you may encounter situations that trigger you to relapse. The answer lies not in getting rid of triggers but in managing them when they happen. When a trigger presents itself, the best thing you can do is stop yourself and think clearly about your situation. Ask yourself what the consequences of a relapse would be and reach out for help if you feel unsure. There is nothing wrong with walking away from a triggering situation and calling a friend for support.


Drug and Alcohol Treatment


If you or someone you know is struggling with an addiction or staying clean after treatment call the Strawberry Center. We are here to provide all the support we can to help those in need to recover and take their lives back.