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Addictions to Codeine can be very different from other opioid addictions. Codeine I commonly found in liquid cough syrup and has highly addictive properties. Many people who use codeine excessively suffer from other related medical issues like memory lapse, and insomnia. Codeine addictions can often be serious and require close medical attention to overcome withdrawal for a drug addiction Florida.

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The withdrawal process for codeine can be very severe depending on how much it has been used. Codeine withdrawal symptoms and their duration are different for each person and depend on various factors, such as genetics, general health, and history of abuse. If Codeine is used heavily, side effects can include psychosis and hallucinations. Because Codeine is often in liquid form, it can also have damaging effects on the stomach lining.




Opioid detox is sometimes followed by Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms (PAWS) which can linger for months or years after last use. PAWS are characterized by a general feeling of reduced well-being and strong cravings for codeine. This craving often leads to relapse and a return to codeine use. If you repeatedly relapse following withdrawal, you might benefit from a methadone maintenance treatment or other opioid substitution treatment.


Drug Addiction Florida


If you know someone who may be suffering from an addiction to codeine, don’t hesitate to call the Strawberry Center. We also specialize in combining faith and medicine to heal the mind and body. It is possible to seek treatment and ask for help and take your life back.