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The Darryl and Tracy Strawberry
Recovery Program:

Clean • Sober • Saved


“For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.”
Romans 5:7


What is the Clean • Sober • Saved Program at The Strawberry Recovery Center?


Many addiction treatment programs simply remove the drugs or alcohol from the environment, but don’t take the time to heal your mind, which is what took you down the path of addiction in the first place. Our Christ-centered program is based on the idea that a relationship with God is essential for your recovery success. Together we create an environment where you can build your relationship with God while working a clinical treatment plan that addresses the addiction. Together, these components work to heal your mind, building a stronger foundation for a lasting recovery.

Our program uses a non-denominational approach to treatment. It is an integration of behavioral counseling, medical care and a faith-based relationship with God. Tracy and Darryl Strawberry both found recovery through the power of God, as have many others. It is an effective path to sobriety, and we’re proud to offer our new Clean • Sober • Saved curriculum along with a daily devotional focused on the heart of addiction and a Life Recovery Bible, which connects God’s word with the 12 steps of recovery.

Who is the program intended for?

This program is beneficial for anyone who is open to having a relationship with God. At the Strawberry Center, we believe a relationship with God is essential for your recovery success. Together, this relationship partnered with an individualized clinical treatment plan and family recovery support will provide you with a strong foundation for long term success.

Our program is non-denominational, and we welcome all Christian denominations, as well as people with no faith at all. All that we require is that you are seeking to connect spirituality. We believe that it is important to combine the spiritual component with other medical and clinical programming, including education, clinical groups, relapse prevention and individual clinical sessions, as well as the neurosciences.

What can I expect at the Christian program?

You can expect to be met exactly where you are in your spiritual journey. Our approach encourages clients to have a deeper understanding of God’s forgiveness, mercy, peace and love. We provide spiritual support, guidance, suggestions and recommendations as we see fit, based on your individual needs.
The environment is non-judgmental, nor condemning in nature. We allow God’s word to come into our lives, and connect it with the 12 steps of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and NA (Narcotics Anonymous).

What type of staff can I expect?

Our staff is dedicated to helping our clients feel better, and all team members are trained to have a client-centric approach to recovery. Upon arriving at the center, you will be greeted by our lead pastor. Additionally, we have a full-time program director, Christian-based counselors and support staff. Our staff members will provide individual, Christian-based counseling sessions, groups sessions and individualized support.

Christian Programming:

There are several components that make up our Christian program, including:

  • Individual Biblical counseling with a licensed clinical therapist
  • Pastoral led group studies
  • Daily devotional reading series
  • Bible studies connecting God’s word with the client’s needs
  • Bible-based recovery groups and guest speakers
  • Non-denominational church services
  • Celebrate Recovery – off-site Christian AA program
  • Prayer and meditation morning gatherings
  • 12 step meetings incorporating God’s word
  • Group therapy
  • Speakers featuring leaders of the faith community
  • Faith and recovery meetings