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One of the more recent trends in artificial drugs is what is known as “spice” or synthetic Marijuana. This drug can be dangerous mainly due to its legality and dangerous chemicals used. Cristian Florida rehabilitation in here to help.

Where can I find christian florida rehabilitation?

What is Synthetic Marijuana?


Synthetic marijuana is a man-made combination of different chemicals. Synthetic cannabis is a designer drug where manufacturers spray lab-synthesized chemicals on incense, herbs or other leafy materials to mimic the psychoactive effects of the ingredient, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), that’s in the naturally grown marijuana plant. Because the chemicals used have received very little research, their effects can vary and be harmful to some. This drug is usually sold at gas stations and convenience stores with bright and colorful packaging.


Effects on the Body


Under the influence of synthetic Marijuana, you can become disorderly, incoherent and aggressive. The effects can last for hours, and since synthetic marijuana strains are continuously changing, it can be extremely tough for doctors to treat. The most dangerous aspect surrounding this drug is the lack of research on the effects of the chemicals being used. Many people have lost their lives due to negative bodily reactions to these un-studied chemicals. Because this drug is very cheap, it also negatively affects low-income neighborhoods the most.


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