Christian Faith Recovery Center in Florida | Staying Positive in Recovery

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Everyone experiences low points. However, it can be especially difficult to keep your chin up sometimes after receiving drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Our Christian Faith recovery center in Florida understands this struggle. Read below for some simple strategies that will help you to stay positive as you work through recovery.

How Can I Stay Positive in Recovery?

Admit When Something is Wrong

This may sound counter intuitive, but admitting when something is wrong is best thing you can do for yourself when facing adversity. It is the first step toward working through it. Recognizing our emotions is the only way we can start to deal with them. Admitting sadness, grief, guilt, anger, or any other unpleasant emotion is not weakness. It takes strength. Just remember, that emotions are impermanent and everything comes to pass.

Facing Obstacles Head On

There are challenges in recovery. However, it is imperative not to run from them and instead, face them head on. When we start to avoid certain situations due to fear, we start missing out on good opportunities and moments we would otherwise enjoy. Believe in yourself to overcome and you will. Never be afraid to fail.

Practice Self-Love and Compassion

After admitting your emotions, hold onto them without judgement. To feel is human. Additionally, making mistakes is only human. Just remember to show yourself compassion and not become your own worst enemy. Love yourself and own your mistakes. Then, commit to doing better. Even on days where your sobriety is not in jeopardy and the day is bright, make it a point to always look inward and show yourself love. This will make it easier if a dark day comes.

Maintain Your Sobriety with a Christian Faith Recovery Center in Florida

What can a Christian faith recovery center in Florida do for my positivity?

In addition to the above practices, never underestimate the power of prayer. At the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center, we truly believe in the healing that God provides. Contact us today to learn more about our rehabilitation facilities and recovery offerings.