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One of the most dangerous mental disorders known today is that of eating disorders. Christian based drug rehab Florida is here to help with this disorder.

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What is an Eating Disorder?


According to the American Psychiatric Association, “Eating disorders are illnesses in which the people experience severe disturbances in their eating behaviors and related thoughts and emotions. People with eating disorders typically become preoccupied with food and their body weight.” Furthermore, people with diagnosed or diagnosable eating disorders often turn to drugs as another means of controlling their weight. And while some of those weight goals may be achievable with that drug use, it takes a seriously dangerous number of drugs to stop eating or to purge from what many people like to believe is controlled overdosing. Because of this, those who have an eating disorder are very susceptible to also becoming addicted to certain substances, including opioids, heroin, methamphetamines and more. It is easy to see how someone can get themselves into a cycle of drug abuse that is constantly perturbed by the user’s mental illness, which, in turn, quickly leads from abuse to a full addiction. Call if you have questions.


Additional Information


Eating disorders are the most life-threatening type of mental health disorder. They kill more people due to side effects and suicide than other mental illnesses. A study from the National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders reports the devastating truth that between five and ten percent of those who struggle with anorexia nervosa after as few as ten years. Even if someone suffering from an eating disorder lives for more than ten years, they still are at risk of death because anywhere from eighteen to twenty percent of people suffering from an eating disorder succumb to the disease meet their death after twenty years. Some other people who suffer from the disease can and do die from suicide rather than side effects of their disorder. We are here to help.


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