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Alcoholism is still one of the most common forms of addiction. Here we will go over some of the basic facts surrounding this affliction affecting so many people. Christian based drug rehab Florida is here to help the community.

What is the best christian based drug rehab florida?

Alcoholism and the Brain


Alcohol is a poison, and in high or frequent doses, it can cause damage to cognitive and motor functions. Alcoholism exposes many systems within the brain to an abundance of ethanol which harms ion receptors, potassium channels, and neurological receptors. This results in dysfunction throughout the brain, with notable frontal lobe damage. This can cause qualities such as impulsivity, ill-mannered disposition, poor judgment, poor insight, attention retention challenges, and reduced motivation. Even if an alcoholic is holding down their job, the worsening cognitive effects of alcoholism will make their workplace performance and home life worse and worse. There is no such thing as a high functioning alcoholic, there’s only a person who thinks they’re holding things together as they continue to sabotage their own happiness through alcoholism.


Treating Alcoholism


Because alcoholism causes many cognitive issues, many alcoholics are not able to recognize the state of their problem. Binge drinking, alcohol abuse, and alcohol dependency are all alcoholism in various forms and intensities. Any form of drinking that results in professional, personal, or legal troubles is a problem. There is no such thing as a high functioning alcoholic. The myth of a high functioning alcoholic perpetuates the idea that alcoholism is something which can be maintained alongside a successful life. Our programs are also designed to make withdrawal easier and give you greater access to counseling.


Christian Based Drug Rehab Florida


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