The story of Darryl Strawberry began with such immense promise but quickly spiraled at a young age into one of addiction, divorces, and jail time. However, Strawberry, now 54, has made strides in resurrecting the image he created as a talented young ballplayer out of Crenshaw High School in Los Angeles. Much like his youthful self, Strawberry is now giving people a reason to feel optimistic about where his future is headed, and also providing a helping hand to those struggling with addiction.

The United States Deputy Surgeon General Rear Admiral (RADM) Sylvia Trent-Adams, PhD, RN and Special Assistant to the Deputy Surgeon General, LCDR Yvonne M. Santiago visited the St. Cloud Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center (DSRC) yesterday. DSG Trent-Adams toured DSRC with co-founder Darryl Strawberry and Ron Dock. Speaking on her marching orders from Washington to combat opiate addiction, the DSG stressed the importance breaking the silence about this epidemic’s effects on the individuals and families. Showing compassion and a deep understanding of the disease of addiction, she called the center’s patients “heroes” and encouraged all to continue on their path of recovery. […]

In his reply to a letter from a Pennsylvania mother, the President emphasizes the need for additional funding to respond to the opioid epidemic. This is the latest post in our “Asked and Answered” series, in which we periodically feature an exchange between the President or a Senior Administration Official and an American who wrote him. If you’d like to write the President yourself, you can do so on the White House Blog Site.

Saint Leo University, the oldest Catholic college in Florida, which has over 15,000 students in attendance, welcomed a visit from Darryl Strawberry on March 26th. Touring the campus, he met with students, student athletes, staff, alumni, college hopefuls, addiction professionals, and local residents, sharing his story, his beliefs, and his hopes for future generations.

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of Maryland (NCADD-Maryland) will be holding their annual Tuerk Conference on Behavioral Health & Addiction Treatment in Baltimore, and DSRC’s own Darryl Strawberry and Ron Dock are slated to be a part of it. For 27 years, NCADD-Maryland has held their annual Tuerk Conference to increase understanding of current issues in the behavioral health field, including drug policy changes, marijuana legalization issues and the integration of mental health and addiction treatment services.