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Many people who choose to go to treatment go to a sober home afterward. This is a home rented by multiple people all seeking recovery and a sober lifestyle. By coming together, those seeking treatment can empower each other.

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What is a Sober Home?


A sober home is one that is occupied by multiple people all seeking treatment from an addiction. This is an attractive option for many because the people you are living with have similar problems and can relate to your struggles. Solidarity among former addicts is important to overcoming addiction. A sober home is also defined by a set of rules that are strictly followed in the event of a relapse or problem among tenants.


The Benefits


The biggest benefits of living in a sober home have to do with solidarity. When multiple people are all going through the same problems, they will help each other reach their goals. By acting as a team rather than individuals, each person in the house has someone for support. This makes it easier to seek help or make new friends along a sober guideline. By having this solidarity among people struggling for sobriety, the problem can be tackled as a team rather than alone.


Alcohol Treatment Center Orlando


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