Addiction Treatment in Florida | 3 Boundaries to Set with a Loved One

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Dealing with an addicted loved one can feel like walking on egg shells. Those with addiction need support as they go through treatment. However, it is essential to set healthy and realistic boundaries for you and your loved one. These boundaries are important for keeping you and your family safe. Additionally, they can help your loved one have an efficient recovery and stay sober after addiction treatment in Florida. Here are three boundaries to set when your loved ones are suffering with addiction.

Enforce a Zero-Tolerance Policy

Setting boundaries all starts with a zero-tolerance policy. This means that you will not tolerate any substance abuse in your home, or around you and your family. This shows your loved one how seriously you take their recovery. To enforce this, make it clear that breaking this policy will result in consequences.

Make Meetings and Therapy Non-Negotiable

Studies reveal that individuals suffering from addiction have a higher chance for success with a strong support system. To help your loved one, encourage them to attend meetings and therapy regularly. Additionally, make these meetings a non-negotiable. This will ensure that your loved one is establishing the best habits and treatment to help them after recovery.

Where can I find the best addiction treatment in Florida?

Cut Off Financial Support

We want to do all we can to make sure our loved ones are happy. However, you must cut off all financial support with an addict. This ensures that you are not enforcing substance abuse in any way. This also shows that you are committed to their mental health and well-being.

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If you have a loved one who is struggling with addiction, it is essential to help them find treatment. Contact Oglethrope, Inc. for addiction treatment in Florida. With effective treatment, your loved one can live a healthy and happy lifestyle again.