Addiction Treatment Florida | Being Social and Sober

WHat is the best alcohol treatment center orlando?

It can be challenging to stay sober while also trying to have fun with friends in a social setting. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to prevent a relapse while still having fun with friends and being responsible. Your recovery always comes first in any situation, and addiction treatment Florida can help you talk to someone about what’s going on.

How can I stay sober with friends?


Research the Spot


Take some time to look into the place you’re going to beforehand. If you’re going to a place that serves alcohol, see what non-alcoholic drinks they have that are still fun. Knowing what you will order before you go will make you less worried about being pressured to drink for example. Another thing to remember is to always have transportation planned so you always have a way home.


Recovery Comes First


Your recovery process is more important than going the extra mile to impress your friends or trying to test your limits. Don’t be ashamed to refuse a drink or say no when asked to do something that could compromise your sobriety. Remember that it is always ok to leave somewhere if you are very tempted to drink or use drugs. Telling a friend that you’re trying not to drink can be a helpful way of integrating your recovery with your social circle and stay on track.



Addiction Treatment Florida


Knowing your limits and when to say no is important to recovering your ability to socialize and stay sober. The Strawberry Center is here to help if you have questions on maintaining your sobriety in your daily life. When you include God in your plan for recovery, you can lift yourself to a healthier way of living.