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One of the newest trends among young people is the explosion of electronic sports. Many live video games are highly active and social in nature, drawing in children from all over the world.

Where can I find addiction treatment Florida?

Is it an Addiction?


To be diagnosed with the disorder one must show evidence of a decline in day-to-day functioning, including school, work, family, self-care or basic socializing. Gaming becomes an addiction when the game becomes a priority above all other needs. The person must also exhibit these symptoms for at least 12 months, which has been criticized by some people. Due to smartphones and widespread internet access points, parents are not always privy to how much time their kids spend, or what they do, on the Internet.

Effects on Teens


When a gamer initially starts playing, one or two hours might be enough. But similar to drug and alcohol addiction, people suffering from gaming addiction become desensitized to the effects of short gaming sessions and develop a need to play for longer periods or with more intensity. The second sign that someone has a problem with video game addiction is that people become irritable, anxious, or miserable when they are unable to play games.


Addiction Treatment Florida


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