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One of the most popular party drugs today is the abuse of codeine cough syrup. Here we will go over the basic facts about this dangerous new drug.

What is Codeine?


Codeine falls under the category of opiate drugs, which the body converts to morphine. It belongs to the same class of drugs like heroin and can lead to addiction within a few weeks. Some people begin taking combinations of codeine mixed with other drugs to control pain. It is one of the most common medications prescribed for people who suffer from migraine headaches or chronic back pain. Some prescription cough medicine also contains codeine. Codeine might be combined with aspirin, caffeine, or barbiturates to treat patients who suffer extreme anxiety attacks. Treating codeine abuse includes addressing both physical and mental dependence. Addicts suffer from anxiety and lose their appetites during the withdrawal process. They may also experience weakness, body aches, and involuntary muscle spasms.


The Effects


People who abuse codeine typically show symptoms related to this form of drug dependence. They may appear lethargic and respond slowly when addressed. Codeine acts on the body by decreasing the heart rate and respiration, making the addict appear sluggish and listless. One sign of codeine abuse might appear as pinpoint pupils. The drug shrinks the size of the pupils, making it difficult to see clearly in dim or dark areas. This could affect a person’s ability to drive at night, leading to accidents. Vision might also become blurry when codeine is being abused. Some addicts become agitated or disoriented when it comes to time or place. These are all telltale signs that a patient is using more than 60 mg of prescribed medication for recreational purposes. Recommended doses of the drug to control pain or anxiety typically range between 10-60 mg per dose.


Addiction Treatment Florida


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