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I’ve had my own personal battles with substance abuse in the past, so I understand the need for care that’s focused on treating each client with a personalized treatment plan that addresses the root cause of their disease. That’s what individuals and professional athletes can expect to find here at the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center.”
Darryl Strawberry


Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center offers hope and support to people who are seeking a path to recovery for a better life.

About Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center

Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center was created to help people struggling with addiction and mental illness. Our 28-day residential program treats all forms of drug and alcohol substance abuse, including prescription medications. The program provides medical detoxification followed by mental health therapy, designed specifically around the needs of each individual patient.

The Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center combines the passion of past MLB great Darryl Strawberry with the expertise of Oglethorpe, Inc., an organization with over 15 years of experience with managing behavioral health centers in five states.

Patients at the Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center are treated with discrete, medical rehabilitation, followed by intensive outpatient, partial program or transitional living residential treatment.

A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Your treatment program will include the following, based on your individual needs:

  • Individual Counseling
  • Group Therapy
  • Communication Skills
  • Nutrition Education
  • Spiritual Development
  • Marriage & Family Counseling
  • Relapse Prevention

About Darryl Strawberry

Darryl Strawberry is an ordained Christian minister and author. Born in Los Angeles, California in 1962, Darryl had a rough start to life growing up in South Central with an abusive, alcoholic father. He was thrown into the spotlight at a young age when he signed with the New York Mets in 1980 directly out of high school. During his 17-year career in Major League Baseball, Strawberry played for the New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, San Francisco Giants and New York Yankees. He’s an eight-time All-Star, a four-time World Series Champion and a National League Rookie of the Year. While baseball is no longer the primary focus of Darryl’s life, his years on the diamond helped form who he is today.

Today, Darryl and his wife Tracy are passionate Christian pastors who help people restore their lives and relationships through the power of God and the process of change. They accomplish their mission of helping others through their foundations, including Darryl Strawberry Foundation, Fight for Autism and Strawberry Ministries. Together, they have advocated for Action for Autism, youth and community outreach, Christian healing and support for people struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues.

Darryl Strawberry and the team at Oglethorpe, Inc. created Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center to help people live better lives by breaking free from the chains of addiction and mental health issues.

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