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Drug & Alcohol Rehab and Detox Treatment, Accepting Clients Nationwide

The Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center is located in St. Cloud, Florida, just 20 minutes south of Orlando. In a safe and supportive environment, we provide treatment for addiction to individuals struggling with the self-destructive cycle of using and abusing drugs.

We look forward to offering a wealth of carefully-tailored programs designed to unlock the doors that have been holding our patients back from their full potential.

About Darryl Strawberry

Darryl Strawberry

Co-Founder, Former MLB, Minister

Darryl Strawberry is described as a legend by many who have been dazzled by the dynamics of his game, the power he possessed at the plate, and the story of redemption that continues to bring hope to so many lives through his new life as an ordained minister and founder/supporter of numerous foundations and charities.

Having overcome devastating addiction himself, Darryl hopes to use his own experiences, struggles, and triumph to help others find their own key to recovery.

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Treatment Includes
  • Drug & Alcohol Rehab and Detox
  • Individual counseling
  • Group counseling & peer support
  • Re-establishing communication skills
  • Nutrition education
  • Spiritual development
  • Marriage & family counseling
  • Relapse prevention (individualized)
  • Transitional residential care (if needed)
  • Hi-Performance Neurofeedback
TJC Gold Seal of Approval

The Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center has proudly earned The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval.


Darryl Strawberry Recovery Center’s confidential detox and rehab program treats individuals and athletes with alcohol, drugs and prescription addictions using tested and effective addiction treatment protocols.


Addiction is a severe interruption to the natural flow of life. It leaves those who are afflicted, blind to the truth.”

- Darryl Strawberry